Veteran’s Court Program

I recently had the opportunity to attend a military and veteran’s law clinic in Galveston. I was able to meet some great people and learn some new techniques for representing veterans.  I was personally impressed as a veteran to see that there are a lot of programs out there to help struggling veterans. This is true here in Tarrant County. Tarrant County has a veteran’s court program to help those that have honorably served and have been arrested for a criminal offense. If the veteran qualifies and is accepted, the case will be dismissed upon successful completion of the program. Not only does the program offer a chance at a dismissal, it offers help so that the veteran can continue on with life as a productive civilian.The veteran’s court also accepts actively serving military personnel. If you are a service member who has been arrested in Tarrant County, you may also be eligible for the program.It is not easy for a veteran to adjust to civilian life. Even if you served only a few years several years ago, there is still a piece of military life that will follow you forever. When you have a legal issue, you need someone that understands you. If you are a veteran or know a veteran that needs legal help, I will go out of my way to help you. Please call for your FREE consultation today. 817-481-1999 or email me at [email protected].

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