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If you have been charged with a crime, you need to speak with a criminal defense attorney right away. As a Texas lawyer, Gerard Kardonsky can make sure that your rights are protected, and that you get the representation you deserve. Under the Constitution, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but if you don’t have reliable representation you will be fighting an uphill battle to prove your innocence. As important as it is to make a strong case, it is equally important to work with an attorney that is well respected in the courts and known for aggressive defenses.

A criminal attorney like Gerard Kardonsky can help if you have been charged with a crime, no matter how minor or major. Very often people are charged with a fairly minor crime like a DUI, drug possession, or minor assault charge and make the mistake of trying to represent themselves, or even worse, accept their charges to expedite the process. Both of these options are unwise: if you are convicted of a crime, no matter how large or small, you could end up in jail and with a criminal record that can haunt you for years to come. 

Read more below to get a better idea of some general information about criminal attorneys in Texas below. If you have been charged with a crime of any size, call Gerard Kardonsky at 817-481-1999 to schedule a consultation.

Are You In Jail? If So, Call a Criminal Attorney Right Away

Getting arrested can be a frightening experience. We make visits to the jail and can meet with you there and help you to get out on bail. Once you are released, Gerard Kardonsky can go over your case and discuss a strategy for how to get the charges dropped or reduced along with how to prove your innocence. Per the United States Constitution, you are innocent until proven guilty but whether or not the judge or jury finds you to be innocent is often based on how strong your legal defense is. 

As an experienced criminal law firm, we have encountered cases where innocent people were convicted simply because the evidence that could prove their innocence was not presented properly or allowed into the trial. This is why you should never try to represent yourself. One small mistake can negatively influence where you spend the next several years or the rest of your life.

Building a Defense

During your initial consultation, Gerard Kardonsky will ask you a variety of questions in order to learn everything we can about the case. It is important that you share what happened leading up to the arrest, where you were when the incident took place, any witnesses that can confirm your whereabouts, and anyone that you think may be responsible for the crime. The more information we have, the better equipped we will be to build your defense. Don’t leave anything out because the smallest detail may serve to prove your case.

After our initial discussion, we will start to interview witnesses and collect evidence that can confirm your story. It is important that everything is presented in a way that is clear and concise and that witnesses are prepared to testify. Their performance and ability to answer questions will determine how credible the judge and jury find them to be. This makes it important to have every witness prepared and as a criminal attorney, we take the time to do so.

Preparing For Court

During our initial meeting, we will ask you a lot of questions in order to gain a clear understanding of the case and the circumstances leading up to your arrest. It is extremely important that you recount every detail and not leave anything out. You never know which seemingly insignificant piece of information can lead to the evidence we need to prove that you’re innocent or to create enough reasonable doubt that a jury won’t convict. This can be as simple as a receipt from picking up your dry cleaning or where you ate dinner so that we can go find witnesses who can corroborate your story.

After interviewing you, we will speak with any witnesses, we feel can confirm your story. This is important for your alibi and to prove your character. The type of character witness we will look for will depend on the crime you have been charged with committing. For example, a colleague may be able to testify to you being responsible and levelheaded at work, which would demonstrate you being unlikely to steal from the company.

Sometimes the evidence that we need is not found in a witness testimony but rather in the surrounding facts and circumstances of your life. In this case, we may want to review your bank records, bills, medical records, school records, etc. Gerard Kardonsky will let you know what information is needed and by providing it quickly, it may be used to help strengthen your case. The key is to be available, provide the information that is requested, and answer questions with as much detail as possible so that your case can be solidified and presented clearly before a judge and jury.

Regardless of the types of evidence that we bring into our defense, know that we will work aggressively to present a strong case to the Texas Courts in order to work towards the best possible outcome with you.

Our Practice Areas

The following are a few general overviews of our most common practice areas but are not intended to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how we can help you in any legal situation. In order to get a specific understanding of how we can help, contact us as soon as possible.

DUI Charges

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, this is a criminal charge. Do not make the mistake of treating it like a speeding ticket. If you are convicted of drunk driving, it will go on your criminal record and may create problems with your employer, your ability to rent an apartment, and even your custody situation. A criminal conviction can follow you around for years and negatively impact your life. Whether this is your first charge or you have a prior conviction, you need an experienced criminal attorney on your side. If you live in the 76051 area and are facing DWI charges, give us a call for a consultation.

Drug Defense

If you have been charged with a drug crime it is important to hire a Grapevine criminal attorney that understands how to navigate the local court system and the Texas laws surrounding drug possession, delivery, and transportation. Gerard Kardonsky is experienced in handling drug cases and will look to see if an illegal search was performed when you were arrested. If so, this may be grounds for dismissing your case as the evidence would be inadmissible in court. This is one of the several ways that your case can be argued. If you are in the 76051 area, Gerard Kardonsky has the tools necessary to provide a strong legal defense so that you can avoid a conviction.

Accomplice Charges

If you participated in criminal activity, or are accused of doing so, but were not the main perpetrator, make sure that you hire your own attorney. You cannot count on your friends or associates to stand with you, but you can count on your attorney to provide a strong legal defense in order to protect your rights and your interest. 

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the prosecutor is only after the large conviction. They may aggressively pursue you and inflate your involvement in the incident before the judge and jury. When you work with Gerard Kardonsky you are guaranteed a dependable legal defense. We will work hard to build and present your case in order to create enough reasonable doubt that the jury won’t feel confident enough to issue a conviction.

Corporate and White Collar Crimes

If you or your company has been charged with a crime, you need a criminal attorney that can represent you and help you to avoid the consequences that come from a conviction. Gerard Kardonsky is experienced in representing companies and corporate officers throughout the Grapevine TX area and can ensure that you receive the best possible legal defense.

Minor Crimes and Misdemeanors

When you are charged with a minor crime—for example, misdemeanor drug possession—you still need to hire a lawyer. When you have a clean record, it is easier to fight criminal charges because the judge can see that you don’t have a history of criminal behavior. However, as soon as you are convicted, you no longer have a clean record. This makes it more difficult to fight future charges, can lead to more convictions and stricter penalties down the road, and may even complicate your professional options. The key is to keep your record clean of any convictions, regardless of how large or small, and we are here to help

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Attorneys in Texas

The following are just a few of the most common questions that we receive during our initial consultations and ones that we will be happy to answer for you in greater detail during our time together. The following are intended to give you a general overview of how we can answer these questions, but they are not meant to be taken as comprehensive solutions or legal advice.

Why Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

As criminal defense attorneys, we provide an aggressive defense and will not let you get pushed around by the system. On your own, you can get taken advantage of and even wrongfully convicted. With us on your side, you are guaranteed to have someone fighting for your rights and for your freedom. Your entire life depends on what you do right now. If you hire an experienced attorney, your chances of staying free are increased. If you go with a public defender or a rookie you are far more likely to spend time in jail. 

With years of experience, Gerard Kardonsky can provide the strong defense you need to protect your future and your families. Whether you have been charged with a major violent crime or a DUI, give us a call.

Do I need an attorney if I am innocent?

Yes, you do. If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, it is because the police and prosecutors office believe you to be guilty. It is not enough to say that you are innocent. You must prove that you are innocent. This can be incredibly difficult to do on your own, especially from jail. As a Grapevine criminal defense attorney, we have more resources than you do and can bring in expert witnesses as necessary in order to prove your case and your innocence.

Can you help keep me out of jail?

If you live in the Grapevine TX area, there are options that may be available to you aside from going to jail. When you are initially arrested, we can help to ensure that your bail is processed so that you can live at home while awaiting your trial. This way you can stay comfortable and spend time with family and friends. It also makes it easier to prepare for court.

If you are found guilty, we may be able to negotiate for an alternative to jail. This depends on the type of crime you were convicted of and the judge’s ruling. Some alternatives include going to rehab and serving time under house arrest.

How much will hiring a defense attorney cost?

This is determined by the type of case, how much preparation work is needed, and how many days we spend in court. No value can be placed on freedom, so when faced with the options of being convicted and going to jail or living the rest of your life free and with your family, the cost of not hiring an attorney is far greater. We will, however, give you estimates during your initial consultation.

Contact Us Today To Get The Representation You Deserve

Gerard Kardonsky is trusted by clients throughout the 76051 area and known for being aggressive both in negotiations and at trial. This is important because when you are charged with a crime, you need someone that will go to bat for you and stand up to the prosecutor as necessary. Whether you want to negotiate a plea bargain or have your day in court, Gerard Kardonsky can help.

To schedule an appointment at Robinson & Kardonsky, P.C. call 817-481-1999, and we will be happy to discuss your case and your options.

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