Speak With a Criminal Defense Attorney About Your Rights

When you speak with a criminal defense attorney in our office, you will be speaking with someone familiar with your constitutional rights. As a citizen of the United States of America, all of the rights afforded under the Constitution belong to you, as specifically mentioned in the fourteenth amendment.  As attorneys, our job is to ensure that your rights are protected, even if you are accused of a crime.  In fact, specific amendments were adopted to ensure that your rights are protected in that exact situation. While our job is to protect your rights, it is still important for you to be familiar with what they are.  Here are a few things that you should know.The Fourth AmendmentThis amendment protects you from an illegal search and seizure.  If a law enforcement officer wants to search you, the fourth amendment says that they need to get a warrant issued by a judge after receiving a sworn statement.  The warrant needs to specify what is to be searched, so this is not a free ticket to search everything that you own or everywhere you have ever been.  If your rights were violated in the process of an arrest, we can make the argument that any evidence obtained was done so illegally and should not be used in court.  If the judge agrees, there could be less evidence against you, making it more difficult for the prosecution to obtain a conviction.The Fifth AmendmentWhen you speak with a criminal defense attorney, you will often hear advice to remain silent and not to speak with law enforcement alone.  This is because anything that you say can be used against you.  However, the fifth amendment makes it so that you cannot be compelled to testify against yourself or to provide information that could incriminate you.  This is the basis for your Miranda Rights (what is read to you at the time you are arrested).The Sixth AmendmentAs a criminal defense attorney, we understand how critical this amendment is. As a result of its’ adoption, you have the right to legal representation in court, and if you cannot afford legal representation, a public defender will be made available to you. This is also the amendment that ensures you are given a fair and speedy trial by a jury of your peers.  If you have been accused of a crime and believe that you will not get a fair trial in your town, this is the amendment that provides the basis for requesting a change of venue.The Constitution is a document of vital importance and as a citizen of the United States, you have been granted rights that shall not be infringed.  However, it is common for law enforcement not to understand these rights or how they apply in the course of everyday life.  This is why you need a criminal defense attorney that is familiar with them and can ensure that you are protected at all times.  For help, call and schedule a consultation.

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