Speak With a Divorce Attorney in Grapevine TX About What Will Happen to Your Pets

As a divorce attorney in Grapevine TX, we work with a lot of couples that are divorcing and have pets or other custody issues to resolve.  This can make an already complicated divorce extremely difficult.  When both sides want to keep the family pet, it can lead to a standstill in negotiations.  If this is the case, the judge will decide what happens at trial.Your family pet is probably treated like another child.  Pets are part of the daily lives of many people, and it can be difficult to consider living without them.  The court, however, doesn’t view a pet like a child.  They are typically treated like a piece of property so as your sofa and car are being divided, your pet can be divided at the same time.  This is a callous way of looking at it, and our job is to bring the emotional connection you have with your pet into the courtroom.When meeting with a divorce attorney in Grapevine TX, provide as much information as you can about your pet and what makes them so special to you. Include details about who purchased your pet, who took them to the vet, who cared for them on a daily basis and anything else that could help.  The more information we have, the easier it will be for us to build your case.We also recommend that you try to mediate with your ex.  When going through the mediation process, both sides will be able to make their case for why they should retain “custody” of the family pet.  This is non-binding so if you can’t agree, there is no harm.  During the negotiations, we can help you to keep your pet by offering something that is important to your spouse, but you may not necessarily need.  For example, if you bought a new truck that they really want to keep you could offer them the truck in exchange for your family pet.  The key is to decide what the most important thing to you is so that we can negotiate properly. Mediation is really your best bet for getting to keep your pet.  Otherwise, the judge will decide, and it’s a fifty-fifty shot over whether or not you will get to keep them.If your divorce is getting complicated, there are children involved or you simply cannot speak to your ex, you need to get help from a lawyer.  This is essential because the longer you wait to get council the harder it will be for us to build a case on your behalf.  For example, if your court date is in a month, that’s not the best time to get a lawyer.  You should really try to plan ahead and hire one as quickly as possible since the more time we have to prepare the better job we can do.  Additionally, some things like submitting a witness list need to be done within certain time frames.As a divorce attorney in Grapevine TX, we can help you to get custody of your pet and have a fair division of assets so call us today to get your case started.

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