What Services Does A Criminal Defense Lawyer Provide?

After one is placed under arrest, the first thing a person needs to know is what services a criminal defense lawyer provides. Following charges of a criminal crime, there is a system that goes into motion that ends with the person either spending time in prison or going free after having been acquitted. How this plays out depends on the defense lawyer and how they work with clients.


One of the most important tasks of a criminal defense lawyer is the gathering of evidence to prove a client’s innocence. We base all cases on an accumulation of evidence, eye witness reports and the circumstances surrounding the alleged crimes. In order to prove that the person under arrest is guilty of a crime, the prosecution must also collect evidence to show that their case has merit.

On the other side, the criminal defense team works hard to gather evidence showing innocence. A lawyer also works to negate any evidence the prosecution gathers or to exclude it from the proceedings.


When one commits a crime, there are often eyewitnesses who saw the crime or can testify to prove innocence or guilt. One of the most important services that a criminal defense attorney provides is to interview these witnesses and collaborate their stories with the evidence.

Sometimes a case can hinge on a single, or multiple, eye witness testimonies. Thus, it is critically important that a skilled criminal defense lawyer conducts the interviews to extract the most favorable testimony.


Negotiating may seem like a strange skill for a criminal defense lawyer to possess, but it is critically important. Depending on the charges, and how strong the prosecution’s case is, one of the services that a criminal defense attorney provides is to act as a negotiator. The courts are very busy, with dockets that are often filled up months in advance.

Additionally, prosecutors have a great deal on their plate, handling multiple prosecutions and juggling an incredibly full schedule. This leaves open the possibility to negotiate the charges down to a less serious charge and avoid substantial punishment. As a skilled negotiator, the defense attorney will do everything possible to get a great plea for their client even if it seems like the weight of evidence is stacked against them.


When it comes to a criminal trial, the entire process is confusing and can be full of pitfalls for a layperson. As an attorney, a defense lawyer is skilled at negotiating the entire process and making sure that all deadlines are met, all paperwork is filed, the proper procedures are followed and there are very few hiccups along the way that might result in an unfavorable outcome.

Perhaps more than any other services offered by an attorney, it is the ability to run the process that is of the most value to a person, in order to avoid running afoul of a law they may not even know exists. To protect yourself legally, call our office and schedule an appointment to speak with a defense lawyer. 

Note: This is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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