Protect Yourself by Hiring a Marijuana Defense Attorney

Call our office to speak with a marijuana defense attorney. As one, we know that there are many people who get caught up in the war on drugs and unwittingly become a victim of the criminal justice system. However, as a marijuana defense attorney, we also know that there are many ways you can get out of being prosecuted, or if you are prosecuted many effective defenses that can protect you from spending any time in jail, or having your record permanently tarnished.

One of the first notions to dismiss from your head is that more and more states are becoming increasingly liberal about possession of marijuana. While this is absolutely true, it is also true that there are still a large number of people being prosecuted for using it. As long as the possession and especially the sale of marijuana is a crime there will still be prosecuting attorneys who will go after you if you are arrested for a drug-related offense. Truly, your best and the only defense is to actually have a marijuana defense attorney on your side who can help present your case in a way that makes it possible for you to not face jail time or some other stiff penalty.

As a marijuana defense attorney, we know that very often the police illegally stop you in your vehicle, or on the street, and find drugs on your person or in the vehicle. In order for the police to stop and search you, they must have a constitutional basis for the “stop and search”. Most people simply do not understand this, and as a result, allow an unconstitutional search. What is important to understand, is that if you have been the subject of an unconstitutional search, anything that is found during the search or after can be considered to be illegally obtained and can actually be suppressed or not presented during the trial. In the absence of having the actual drugs, most prosecutions will quickly fall apart which is why you need a defense attorney to demonstrate that an illegal search was used to obtain possession of the evidence.

Even in the event that police do have a search warrant, it is important for you to have a marijuana defense attorney on your side because often we find that the search warrant has very strict criteria and the court may find specific defects in the administering of this warrant. In such a case the court may rule in your favor that the warrant was unconstitutional and therefore the evidence must be suppressed. There are several reasons why a search warrant may be considered invalid.

  1. A lack of probable cause: In order to get a constitutionally sound warrant, law enforcement has to prove that they have solid probable cause to believe that you have drugs in your possession.
  2. The scope of the warrant: As mentioned earlier, very often a search warrant has a very limited search. Unfortunately, police officers often get enthusiastic and tend to exceed the scope of the search permitted by the warrant, making anything found inadmissible.
  3. Accurate information: Very often police officers will act on the information obtained from a source that can turn out to be anonymous, unreliable or provide information that is no longer relevant because it is old information and hence considered to be “stale”.

As a defense attorney, we will review all aspects of your case and identify anything that could be used to help build a strong case for your defense to increase the likelihood of you being found innocent or receiving limited penalties upon a conviction.

NOTE: This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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