A Personal Injury Lawyer in Grapevine TX Can Help After an Accident

If you have been in a car accident in Texas, your personal injury lawyer in Grapevine TX can advise you against one of the most common mistake drivers make. An accident is a very disconcerting experience which can leave you feeling unsafe and worried about your property damage. You might even begin to worry about how you will get to work, fear for your children’s safety, and a number of other emotional reactions that come from a jarring event. Most accident victims are in some level of shock and tend to make decisions that are not wise.The most common error that people make when they have been in a car accident is not seeking medical care right away. With the rush of adrenaline and everything that is going on around the accident scene it might not seem like your injuries are very serious. Additionally, most aches and pains may not even set in until the day after that accident and many people will take an additional day or two to go and seek medical attention. Depending on work schedules, and the availability of their medical providers, the victim may put off medical attention for several days.When you have been in an accident a personal injury lawyer in Grapevine TX will advise that you seek medical attention immediately. The reason for this is that insurance companies will use your delay in seeking medical attention as a way to argue against you getting any compensation for your medical expenditures.Insurance companies have been known to make two different arguments against paying for your medical expenses if you have delayed in seeking treatment. First the lawyers for the insurance company will argue that the injuries were not sustained as a result of the accident. If time has passed between the accident and you seeking medical attention your personal injury lawyer in Grapevine TX will need to prove that the injuries did not occur subsequent to the accident and without any connection to the accident itself. This is difficult and unnecessarily complicates the claim.Second, the insurance company will try and state that your injuries were not serious because you took some time to get the medical attention you needed. Despite the fact that injuries can manifest themselves several days later and be extremely serious, insurance companies do not want to pay for your medical treatment and will seek any way to minimize the damage to their bottom line. To do this they will argue against your pain and suffering and claim that since it took you so long to seek out medical attention the injuries really are not that serious and are certainly not serious enough to warrant them having to pay for the treatment.It is essential for your health and for your claim that you seek out medical attention as soon you have been in an accident to avoid any claim that your injury was not caused by the accident itself or not extensive enough to warrant being paid for by the insurance company.

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