Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Grapevine, TX

If you have been hurt, a personal injury lawyer in Grapevine, TX can help you to get the medical care and financial compensation that you deserve.  Some injuries are caused by playing around and having fun.  This type of injury is no one’s fault and should be covered by your personal medical insurance.  There are, however, many times where the injury was caused due to the negligence of someone else or a company.  When this is the case, an attorney can help you to get a favorable results from your claim.In order to decide if someone was at fault, you can always schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.  By going over the circumstances leading up to the injury, we will be able to determine if your case is good enough to bring before a judge.  There are several things that must be evaluated, including:

  • Where did the injury take place?  If you were hurt at home, you probably don’t have a case.  If, however, you were at a public place, commercial building, school, work, or someone else’s home, you may have a case that a personal injury lawyer in Grapevine, TX can help with.
  • Were there witnesses?  Did anyone see you get hurt?  Can they confirm your story?  If so, it is important to have their contact information and your lawyer will probably want to speak with them.
  • How did you get hurt?  You need to be able to clearly articulate how you were hurt, the circumstances leading up to it, and how the environment contributed to your becoming hurt.  For example, if you were hurt while walking down the stairs at a clothing store – what made you fall?  Was it a slippery floor, railing that came loose, broken stair etc.?  This information is very key to your case.
  • What happened after you were injured?  Did you go to the hospital and if so were you treated?  You will need to document any treatments that you have had to date and the pain that you have felt as a result of your injury.

Once these generic questions have been answered, your personal injury lawyer in Grapevine, TX will work with you to determine who is responsible and the financial damages that you should be awarded as compensation for your injury.  This is typically done by determining how the accident has impacted your income earning potential and how it will continue to impact your ability to work in the future.  For example, if you had to go on light duty as a result of the injury, the loss of hours is a direct financial loss.  Additionally, the time you had to take off of work to go to the doctor or physical therapy is also a type of financial loss.  When the pain is prohibiting you from working in your normal capacity and will continue to do so, the future earning loss also must be taken into consideration.  This is combined with the cost of medical treatment and pain and suffering to determine the amount that your attorney will ask for.By hiring the right personal injury lawyer in Grapevine, TX, you can be sure that your legal rights will be protected.

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