The Importance of Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer

As a criminal defense lawyer, we understand the critical nature of each altercation that we take on. For our clients, this is not a simple case, but something that can influence the rest of their life and the ability to care for their families. As an attorney, we know firsthand how a case resulting in a ruling of innocence versus a sentence, with limited jail time, can make it possible for people to move on with their life and take it in a positive direction.

We also understand that remaining free makes it possible for families to pay their bills, stay in their home, and continue to operate as they did prior to the arrest. With the outcome of a criminal case being so important, it is wise for you to hire a criminal defense lawyer, such as us, that has experience and a successful track record.

Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

The benefits to hiring a defense lawyer are numerous, including:

  • Understanding how the system operates: Each court has set guidelines and parameters in place for how they handle cases. Some courts are likely to move quickly while others are backlogged with cases. Some courts will assign an aggressive prosecutor to discredit you, while other prosecutors are more mild and tactful in their approach. Knowing what you are up against in your case is a key component to success because it allows for preparation. We understand the legal system and can prepare accordingly.
  • Preparation: As a defense attorney, we know how to prepare to take criminal cases to trial. This is not always necessary because we can attempt to reach a plea bargain if that is favorable for our clients. However, nothing in life is guaranteed and you need a lawyer who can successfully represent you in court. This begins with preparation from day one. Interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, and working with experts are all steps that will be taken to build a strong defensive case that can be presented in court. You do not want to work with an attorney who does not have trial experience. If the prosecutor refuses to give a favorable plea bargain offer (this does happen), then you need to have the option to protect your interests, and your future, in a court of law. At this junction, a lack of experience can significantly harm you by reducing your chances of reaching a successful outcome.
  • Knowing sentencing trends: If you do not hire an attorney who is familiar with what the standard sentences look like for certain crimes, you could receive a harsher penalty upon conviction than you deserve. We have worked in criminal law long enough to identify quickly whether a proposed sentence is fair or if it is too aggressive for the crime. This knowledge allows us to make sound recommendations to clients.

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