Gun Rights Attorney: Getting Your Gun Rights Back

It may seem strange that people need a gun rights attorney in the State of Texas. After all, we have some of the most liberal laws when it comes to the carrying and possession of firearms. This comes from a deep-seated belief in this state that the entire premise of the Second Amendment was to ensure that people have the right and ability to defend themselves with a firearm when necessary and are able to carry one without the government infringing on those rights. As such, the state has made it crystal clear that it will follow these recommendations to a tee, but often, the law-abiding citizen may still fall afoul of the laws that do exist, without even knowing it. In such cases, you want to have a seasoned gun rights attorney on your side, who can clearly articulate your case and make sure you do not have further legal troubles and that your rights are not infringed.The question is who may not carry a gun in this state. The list is relatively short and includes people who have been convicted of a felony, children without the permission of their parents, and those who are currently confined to a penal institution. Understanding these restrictions are the first steps in not need a gun rights attorney, and if you are in one of these categories, understand that you do need a gun’s rights attorney to protect your rights or keep you from going to jail. In addition, it should be pointed out that if you have a gun, you do not want to lose the right to own and carry that gun, and so want a gun rights attorney to defend you and prevent you from being convicted of a crime, hence falling into a class of people not allowed to carry in this state. It is also important the know the restrictions of when and where you can possess or carry a gun, even with a license.

As a gun rights attorney, we will also advise you that there are certain places where you are not allowed to have a gun in your possession. We have already covered penal institutions, where naturally the government does not want personal firearms that could pose a threat to the corrections officers. In addition, you may not have a gun on school grounds. This is to protect children, and you can be arrested if you have a gun on school property. There are also separate rules for college campuses. Properly vetted and licensed law enforcement personnel are the exception to this rule.

Finally, there are a few guns and firearms that are illegal in this state and many other states without federal approval. These include short-barreled firearms, machine guns, explosive weapons, and silenced firearms. These are specialty weapons that require a federal permit and tax stamp. Ultimately, when it comes to firearms in this state, there are common sense applications that will tell you how you can stay clean and out of trouble. If you do find yourself in a situation where you may be charged with a gun crime, you want to call a seasoned gun rights attorney immediately.

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