A Drug Possession Defense Attorney Can Help if Your Caught with Prescription Drugs

Opioid use is growing and taking prescription medication has become relatively popular, increasing the need for a drug possession defense attorney. If you are caught with prescription drugs that were obtained illegally, it is important to call our office right away.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that if a drug is a prescription drug, rather than a drug like cocaine, the police will not take it too seriously. In reality, illegal possession of prescription drugs can cause just as much trouble as carrying other illicit substances.


It is possible to be arrested for having prescription drugs that were not prescribed to you. Even if the prescription is for someone in the family or a roommate, it is possible to be arrested. This makes it important never to carry someone’s prescription drugs for them since even a mistake can lead to an arrest.

Once arrested for having prescription drugs illegally, the police will bring charges. The exact charges are going to depend on the amount of drugs and the location of the arrest. For example, charges tend to be harsher with an arrest anywhere near a school. Regardless, it is important to hire a drug possession defense attorney right away to begin mounting a proper defense.

Otherwise, a criminal conviction becomes far more likely. Once convicted, a criminal record will remain in existence for years to come and that can negatively influence things like job prospects and even the ability to rent an apartment, in addition to potentially spending time in jail and paying fines.


One of the reasons that law enforcement is taking prescription drug abuse so seriously is that it has the ability to lead to the use of drugs like heroin. Very often, prescription drugs are the initial gateway drug that can lead to severe heroin addictions and long-term drug abuse. While few people think of that when taking oxycontin, it is where the path leads when the user goes from occasional to necessary.

As such, law enforcement is trying to crackdown on the initial stages of drug abuse. This can mean that the case of prescription drug abuse is made an example of to try to set a tone for the seriousness of the crime. For the perspective of someone accused of prescription drug abuse, this is a red flag that should make it even more urgent to hire a drug possession defense attorney.


With the news covering stories of drug abuse on a daily basis and more employers complaining of difficulties in hiring people because of this abuse, law enforcement has really stepped up and is trying to crackdown. This makes it important not to assume that the arrest will be forgotten or that the charges will be dropped or lessened.

Even if that happened to people in the past, it would not necessarily happen today so it is necessary to prepare for a full criminal trial and a strong defense. To do so, call our office and speak with a drug possession defense attorney today.

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