Call a Family Attorney for Help With Child Support

If you need help, call our office to speak with a family attorney. We understand that our clients have needs that change based on life circumstances. Whether our clients are getting divorced or need to make a change to child support, we have the experience necessary to make the process go more smoothly. Many people think that when a divorce is final, issues like child custody and child support are permanent. This is not always the case. Life is dynamic and subject to change. The needs of you and your child may change with time, and these life events often trigger the need to adjust how much child support is paid or received on a monthly basis. If you encounter any of these situations, call our office to learn how we can assist you. When possible, we will negotiate with your ex on your behalf, so you can avoid going back to court.Call us if…If you lose your job. If your hours are permanently adjusted or you lose your job, this will represent a significant decrease in income and a reason to renegotiate child support. If your ex is unwilling to work with you, we can take this issue before a judge.Your child has a unique opportunity. As a family attorney, we can negotiate with your ex on your behalf in the event your child has a unique opportunity they want to take advantage of. For example, if they are in the band and have the chance to travel overseas for a performance, or if they were selected to play on a traveling soccer team and will have greater expenses because of it. These are unique life events cannot be planned for, so adjustments must be made accordingly.If your childcare needs to be adjusted. When your children are young, childcare is often part of the daily process. If your work schedule changes and you now require after school care or daycare during the summer months, we can re-negotiate how much child support is paid or received to ensure the situation remains equitable.If there are unexpected medical bills for your child. No parent wants their child to suffer any illness or discomfort. If this unfortunate event does occur, it can create financial stress in addition to emotional stress. We can help to negotiate on issues like who will pay copays, whose insurance will be the primary one, etc. It is rare that something like this needs to go to court, but when emotions are high, it can help to have a third party negotiate on your behalf.You have another baby. While most people hire a family attorney to help through the divorce process, life does not end at divorce. It is common for people to remarry and potentially have more children. If you are paying child support and this happens, the amount of support you pay can often be adjusted downward, since your obligation is to provide for all your children, not just the ones you had with your ex.For help with your child support arrangement, call our office and schedule a consultation.

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