Advice from a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested a criminal defense attorney can help.  In the past, people were typically arrested for obvious crimes. Now, there are so many criminal laws on the books that you could be violating one without even knowing it.  Every year new laws are passed and old laws are changed.  This makes it extremely difficult for the average American citizen to know if they are breaking any laws.  If you are concerned that you may have broken the law, you should contact a lawyer right away to discuss the situation and how to prepare for your defense.  Attorney client privilege requires a lawyer to keep everything you say confidential so they can never speak against you to the police or anyone else.   There is no risk to a consultation, only the opportunity to prepare a defense. If you think you might have done something or you may be investigated, find a criminal defense attorney before the authorities find you first. We recommend that everyone have a lawyer on hand.  Whether faced with a criminal charge, driving charge, business, or personal matter most people need a lawyer at some point in their life.  The challenge is that once you are arrested or sued it becomes crunch time and interviewing attorneys becomes a luxury that you may not have time for.  Having an attorney on hand, someone you have already met, interviewed, and retained, is a precautionary measure in the event that something does ever happen to you.  It also gives you the ability to call up an attorney and ask questions about the things you are engaged in or considering doing.  You can ask questions ahead of time to make sure that everything is in accordance with current criminal law. If you are arrested, hiring a criminal defense attorney becomes even more critical.  You can start by working with an attorney to help set a bond and get you out of jail quickly.  Remember to not answer any questions that the police or anyone in jail may ask you.  Stay quiet and keep everything to yourself.  Call your lawyer immediately so that we can meet you at the jail and be present during any questioning.  The things you say in jail to other inmates, or in response to the police, can and will be used against you in a court of law.  It is better to stay silent than give the prosecution ammo. Once engaged, we will work as your criminal defense attorney to get you out of jail and to keep you out of jail.  A good defense is critical for ensuring that you can stay free and enjoying your life.  Even a short stint in jail can be dangerous and ruin both families and businesses.  We fight hard for our clients to get the best outcome possible.  Call us today to learn how we can help you now and in the future.

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