A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help if the Police Visit Your Home

If the police show up at your house, call a criminal defense attorney.  The best way to protect yourself and your rights is to work with an experienced lawyer that understands what steps to take to protect you prior to an arrest ever being made.  We recommend calling and scheduling an appointment if you believe that you are being investigated by the police.  This will allow us to work with you to create a proactive strategy.  Additionally, if the police come to your home, call us right away

You should keep this in mind:

• Anything the police can plainly see can be confiscated.

• If you give the police permission to enter your home, it will no longer be an illegal search.

• When the police make an arrest inside of a home, they can search it.

criminal defense attorney can help to reduce the likelihood of you being arrested and convicted when involved in the process early on.  There are several things that can be done to prevent the inadvertent access of the police to anything that could appear incriminating.  For example, if you know that you are being investigated, a lawyer can go with you to the police station so that you can voluntarily answer a limited number of questions.  When a lawyer is there, the questions will be restricted to things specifically related to the case and your potential involvement in it.  Limiting the scope of the questions decreases your risk for being arrested.  Simultaneously, this prevents the police from having a reason to visit your home without a warrant and decreases your family’s exposure during the situation. 

If the police show up at your home first, and you are unsure of what to do, step outside of the house and let them know that you are calling an attorney first.  Make the call to our office and we can walk you through the next steps and even speak with the police.  The goal is to have them get a warrant and if they do not have enough evidence to have one issued, they need to leave you alone.  Most people make the simple mistake of trying to deal with this situation on their own.  This can be detrimental now and harm you in the future.  By working with an attorney immediately, your rights can be protected and the likelihood of the police obtaining evidence against you, or you saying anything incriminating, will be reduced. 

One area that this is particularly apparent is in how easy it is to have incriminating evidence around your home.  If the police are trying to establish the relationship between you and a suspect, for example, they may see pictures of the two of you around your home and this could lead to further questions.  When you do not know why they have come to your home in the first place, what their objective is, or what role you play in the investigation, there is very little opportunity to protect yourself.  This is only one reason you should decline a request for the police to enter your home and why you should have an attorney with you when you do answer questions.

For help with your case, call a criminal defense attorney today.

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