Protect Yourself with a Divorce Attorney Grapevine TX

If you are considering a divorce, hire a local Grapevine divorce attorney to protect your rights.  Regardless of the type of marriage you had, divorce has the ability to change everything. Couples that were cordial before can turn calculating and those that fought can turn ruthless.  This is the unfortunate reality of divorce, and it is better to plan for the worse than hope for the best. Your future depends on it.Nothing complicates the divorce more than children.  Child custody issues are complicated, and the judge’s ruling will forever alter your life.  The judge has the ability to decide who gets custody and how often you can see your own children.  Judges throughout the country have been moving toward giving more fathers custody so even mothers of young children cannot take for granted that they will be awarded custody.  If a compromise can be reached through mediation outside of court you can at least have a say in the final outcome.  Remember that visitation, custody, and child support will be decided during the divorce process and all of these are complicated issues.Finances and assets are another thing that will be considered during the divorce process.  Our divorce and family law attorneys understand the process, how to protect your assets, and can create a strategy to help you keep a larger portion of the pie.  Some of the things that will be divided are retirement account, cash on hand, investments, property, and IRA’s.  The first step is to determine the value of each of these items.  Things like homes and other property will need an independent appraisal in order for the judge to assign a value to it.  You can avoid in court disputes by having both parties agree to the appraiser ahead of time.  When the value of all of the assets have been determined they will go on the asset column for the judge to divide.  If you want to keep a larger portion of the assets, your divorce lawyer needs to make a solid case as to why you deserve that ruling.  The argument must be sound and backed by evidence.Debts are also divided as part of the divorce hearing.  Commonly, debts associated with a specific asset will stay with it.  For example, if you get the family sedan you will likely have the debt that goes with it.  The same is true for homes and investment properties.  It gets more complicated when considering items like credit cards, personal loans, and debts to family members.  It is difficult to determine what the judge will decide when dividing these type of debts.  That is why you need a good attorney that can make your case as to why you should pay a smaller portion, or not be saddled with all of the debt.A divorce is a war.  Not necessarily a war between you and your ex but a war between you and the court.  The judge has the ultimate power to decide your future, and in order to protect yourself a divorce attorney is needed to make your case and position you for the victory.  Don’t be caught off guard.  Start planning for your day in court as soon as you make the decision to leave.

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