An Immigration Lawyer Can Help You and Your Family

If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, Robinson, Kardonsky & Stone, P.C. can help.  There are many reasons why someone may need an attorney including a desire to immigrate into the United States or being detained while here illegally.  Making sure that you have the right representation is important for ensuring that your case will move forward quickly and with the best possible results.Something that many people don’t realize is how long it can take to get a visa to the United States.  People in Mexico, for example, are in line for a family visa with dates back to 2011.  In countries like India, people have been known to wait for over twenty years for one.  There are several types of visas that a person can apply for and working with an attorney can help you to apply for the right one that can get you or your loved one to the U.S. faster.If you are already in the country and detained for being here illegally, call an immigration lawyer right away. This is essential for ensuring that you are not automatically deported.  Many people live here for years without being caught and for those that have started a family and settled down; the idea of being deported can be very traumatic.  An attorney can help to protect your rights and your future.Immigration TodayNothing has highlighted the immigration challenge more than what is happening in the United States right now.  With thousands of children having come across the border illegally, and now being deported, the eyes of the nation are yet again focused on the immigration issue.  This could not be more personal than it is for the millions of people that have come to this country looking for a better life and opportunities that were not available in their home country.The challenge with the current immigration fiasco is that children are involved which makes it even more complicated.  In fact, the American Civil Liberties Union just sued the Federal Government for not providing these kids with legal representation at their deportation hearings.  The case was filed on behalf of eight children, ages 10 to 17 that were not able to find an attorney for their hearings.  Immigration courts are not required to provide attorneys for those that are facing deportation.  This can create a chaotic situation with a group of people, in this case minors that do not understand the process and may be unable to speak the language.It is unclear yet whether or not the class action will be successful considering that people who are not citizens of the United States are not entitled to the same legal benefits as those who are.  One thing is certain, immigration will continue to be an important part of our country and if you are worried about being detained or deported you need to call an immigration lawyer right away.

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