Immigration Attorney in Grapevine Texas


Families have struggled for decades coming to the America. An immigration attorney can give you your best chance to bring your loved ones to the America. The immigration attorneys at Robinson & Kardonsky, P.C. have the experience necessary to help you. If your immigration application is not done correctly, it can take much longer than normal or be denied altogether. Do not go it alone. We can help with naturalization, family applications, employment applications, asylum applications, fiance visa applications, visa letters of invitation, and much more.Immigration to America is not easy and is very restricted. The government assumes that everybody wants to come to America. The government also assumes that an applicant is willing to do anything to get into America. This is why it is very important to have an attorney that can help you prepare your application. Just like applying for a job, you should have an effective immigration application.Once in America, your family member will need to work. An attorney can help get them work authorization or let you know if they can work. Depending on the application, an attorney can apply for work authorization along with admission. Being legally admitted is the most important part of the immigration application process. An immigration attorney can advise on the best way to apply for admission as well as work authorization. For instance, if someone is here on a visitor’s visa they cannot work. However, if they are here on another type of visa they may be able to work. Working without work authorization is illegal and can lead to deportation. It can also lead to not being able to apply for an immigration benefit.Give us a call at 817-481-1999 and schedule a consultation today (consultation fee may apply for immigration consultations).

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