Hire an Attorney Experienced with Criminal Law

Anyone accused of committing a crime and facing the potential of serious penalties, including spending time in jail or prison, needs to retain the services of a lawyer familiar with criminal law. Attempting to take a stand without professional representation will not work out well. We can help navigate the legal system and work to help our clients gain an advantage in court.


It is important to understand that every criminal case is different. The first thing a criminal lawyer is going to do is look at the evidence and determine what factors can help combat the charges pertaining to an alleged crime. This ability to sort through all the facts, and gather the information that is important to the case, is one of the things that criminal lawyers are trained to do.

When faced with a mountain of evidence, typically civilians do not have the time or the energy to learn how evidence is processed and applied under the law. As a result, people representing themselves are at a distinct disadvantage in the criminal justice system.


Being accused, and charged with a criminal complaint is an emotional experience for many people. Going to trial is stressful and can have a serious impact on a person’s life. A criminal lawyer is not a therapist. However, they are versed in dealing with these situations on a daily basis. Through experience, the criminal lawyer can help a client to deal with some of the emotions that are going to accompany the trial.

The criminal lawyer can do this by explaining what to expect, helping prepare clients for trial and discussing the nuances of the criminal justice system. The criminal lawyer can also explain what is coming next, and have the knowledge to discuss with their clients what they are up against. This allows a client to feel less overwhelmed and better prepared.


A criminal lawyer has access to the list of evidence and witnesses that the prosecutor will use. A criminal lawyer can also access the information far more quickly than a civilian. Typically, somebody who is not an attorney does not have access to the internal court systems and cannot get any documents until the clerk of the court mails it out to them.

On the other hand, a lawyer has access to the system and will know if something is put in immediately. If any of the evidence runs afoul of criminal law, as it pertains to procedural issues, an attorney will know and can lodge a complaint or try to get that piece of evidence thrown out.


Often clients have attempted to navigate the criminal justice system on their own, and tell us that it feels like it is a minefield. This is a good analogy because to successfully navigate the maze of criminal law, a criminal defense lawyer needs to be well-versed in the rules and regulations, as well as have a deep understanding of the system.

Training, time and experience make a criminal attorney well equipped to do so. Don’t go it alone. Call and get the professional help you need today.

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