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If you are in a situation with questions about the law and how to proceed, contact our office to speak with a Grapevine criminal defense lawyer. The law can be confusing and complex. In fact, there are so many criminal laws on the books that it is difficult to even understand or realize what is out there. This is a problem that even local legislators have, making it necessary to have a criminal attorney on your side anytime that you have a question or problem with the law.

In some instances, people have even been charged with a crime when they did not understand they were committing one. The challenge is that without a sunset clause, many obscure laws, like the one against milking your neighbor’s cow, are still on the books. While many of these older laws are strange, this is a problem that impacts modern laws as well.

Each time a new criminal law is passed, there is a chance for conflict with a prior one or the interpretation of it. This can create confusion relatively quickly, only increasing the need to have an attorney on your side. By contacting an attorney to represent you, you are getting the necessary assistance if you are being questioned by the police in conjunction with doing anything that is potentially illegal.

As a Grapevine criminal defense lawyer, we will sit down with you and go over the details of your case. We want to know whether or not you have been officially charged or are simply being questioned by the police. Next, we will discuss the merits of the case, and whether or not there appears to be enough evidence to charge you. Keep in mind that if the police are investigating you for a crime but are not able to gather sufficient evidence for a prosecutor to attempt to charge you, we can always request that the case is thrown out.

If there is enough evidence to levy charges against you, we will work diligently to begin gathering evidence to build a strong defense in your favor. This may include doing things like speaking with witnesses, investigating alibis, demonstrating your character and gathering our own evidence.

At this time you also need to decide whether you are interested in trying to take a plea bargain or if you want to fight for your innocence. We will go over both options with you and let you know what is likely to produce the best results. In some cases, plea bargains can be arranged so that there is little to no jail time. At other times, fighting for your innocence is certainly the best route, but ultimately, you are the one that’s going to have to make that decision with our advice as your criminal attorney.

Our job is to protect your rights and to fight for your freedom, but you will be the one ultimately making decisions in regards to the direction of the case.


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