A DUI Defense Attorney Can Protect You Against Serious Charges

When it comes to needing a DUI defense attorney, many people often consider that they may be able to get out of their situation by themselves. As lawyers, we would be the first to tell you that this is never a good idea. There are many reasons we could share with you as to why you need a DUI defense attorney, but suffice to say that when you are involved in a DUI and a prosecutor has decided to charge you with a DUI offense, you are already looking at being in some serious hot water. In a situation like this, the last thing you need is somebody who does not understand the law, is quickly overwhelmed by the nuances of the law or does not know how to challenge or suppress evidence. When it comes to you being accused of a crime and representing yourself, you would be the person at the greatest disadvantage.

The most important thing you need to understand when you are facing DUI charges is that the law is fundamentally complicated. As a DUI defense attorney, we have been trained to look at the case from the prosecutor’s perspective, what the defenses are, what the nuances of the law are, and how to best get you into a situation where the prosecutor offers a plea deal that allows you to go on with your life. From our perspective, the absolute best thing that can happen is if the prosecutor agrees to drop all charges, allows you to self-regulate, and ensures that you can go about your business without a major interruption. We are often able to accomplish that by negotiating with the prosecutor, especially if this is your first offense. A serious disadvantage of representing yourself is that you do not know the prosecutors nor what they will or will not negotiate on. As a DUI defense attorney, we deal with many of the same prosecutors on a daily basis and are able to quickly determine what their hot buttons are, so that the risk of you receiving a suspended license, jail time, serious fines, and other inconveniences that can come from a DUI conviction is significantly reduced.

The state takes DUI offenses very seriously. While they may be willing to write off your first offense, unless you have the right DUI defense attorney, you will have some restrictions on your ability to drive and have a license, or you could face financial penalties or other consequences. If you have a second offense, all these get even more serious. This is why you must take a first offense seriously. From the moment you are first convicted, you then have a criminal record that can be pulled by employers, landlords, and the court system. Not only will this impact your ability to get a good job or live in the apartment you want, but it also means that any future charges will be viewed from the lens of you being a convict, rather than someone mixed up in a bad situation. You are immediately at a disadvantage. With this in mind, hire an attorney for any DUI charge you are facing, whether it is the first or third. NOTE: This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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