How a Child Support Attorney Can Help You

If you are divorced, you need a child support attorney.  Even if you have already gone through a divorce trial, it is important to remember that nothing is permanent.  The case can be opened and reviewed at any time to evaluate visitation, custody, and child support.  Whether you believe you are entitled to more child support, or feel you are paying too much, a family lawyer can help you.This may be especially relevant if your divorce or last orders are a couple of years old.  People’s financial situations change with the job they have, their age, and education level.  Just because you and your ex were making a certain amount at the time of the divorce does not mean that the amount will stay the same until your child turns eighteen.  Also, the needs of your child may change.  For example, it may become necessary for them to go to private school or receive a type of medical support.  In this case, child support should be reevaluated.Here are some reasons why you need a child support attorney.You are paying more than you can afford.This is extremely common.  When calculating how much child support you owe the judge will use the numbers provided by your attorney or your ex’s attorney.  That doesn’t mean that it translates to real life expenses.  Things like having additional children, paying child support elsewhere and taxes need to be taken into consideration.  If they haven’t you could end up owing more than you can afford to pay.  If this is the case, you need an experienced child support attorney that can present your case and give evidence as to why your obligation should be lowered.  This also applies if your job situation has changed and you are no longer making the same amount of money you were at the time of the divorce.Your ex should be paying you more.If your ex has had a promotion or gotten a new, higher paying job you could be entitled to more money.  In order to get it, you will need to go to court to get the amount adjusted.  You will also need to request copies of their recent pay stubs to prove income.  Be prepared to prove yours as well since it will be used in the calculations. If you need more child support to pay for a specific child related expense, you need to prove why the expense is necessary and how much it costs.You owe a lot of child support and cannot pay it.If you get too far back on child support, you could end up in jail.  This is a serious offence and not a place you want to be in.  If you are in this situation hire a child support lawyer to assist you in negotiating a settlement, payment plan, or continuance until you can get back on your feet.  For example, if you lost your job the judge is likely to work with you but you need to address it rather than avoiding it.For help with your divorce or child support call Robinson, Kardonsky & Stone, P.C. at 817-481-1999.

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