Can a DWI Lawyer Really Get Me Through a DUI Checkpoint?

As a DWI lawyer, we have watched as the concept of a popular DUI flyer has circulated through the internet and YouTube specifically. People are taking this flyer and driving to DUI checkpoints to see if the police let them through.  With YouTube, you never know what is real or fiction so it is important to take anything you watch with a grain of salt.  Simultaneously, some of the concepts they are using can be implemented in your favor.Here’s how it works –According to the DUI flyer advocates, by placing a flyer that says, “I want my attorney, and I choose to remain silent” outside of their window the police will leave them alone.  This isn’t necessarily the case but when combined with placing your driver’s license, insurance card, and registration outside of the window – it can be effective.  It works because you are providing the police with the information that they want to see, before they have to ask for it.  As long as your information checks out, you will typically be free to go.Why it works –At DUI checkpoints, the police are looking for those that show any signs of drinking.  You could have had a beer four hours ago, and still get arrested because they “smell” alcohol, even if you are clearly not impaired.  False DUI arrests happen all of the time so this is a real concern.  Simultaneously, an officer may say that your speech sounds slurred when you are simply speaking normally.  Any time that you interact with the police you create an opportunity for them to identify something that they feel is wrong or suspicious, regardless of whether or not it actually is.  As a DWI lawyer, we see that by placing these items outside of the window, the opportunity for the police to identify any warning signs is greatly reduced.The law –It is important to note that while this may be effective for getting innocent people through a DUI checkpoint if you are driving under the influence, you cannot expect to get through without further consequences.  Those that are illegally driving will still be pursued, regardless of the flyer.  It can, however, give you time to call our office and speak with a DWI lawyer so that you can get the assistance you need right away.  As an attorney, we can meet you at the jail and help your bail to get processed quickly so that you can get home safe and sound.  Simultaneously, by meeting or speaking with you early, we can start building the case right away and may be able to speak with the prosecutor before charges are filed.  This gives us a chance to get charges reduced to reckless driving before you are ever charged with a DUI – the best case scenario.If you have been arrested for a DUI and haven’t gone to court yet, it is not too late to work with an attorney.  Call our office for a consultation and to ensure that your rights are protected.

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