The Benefits of Allying With a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Posted on: October 16, 2017

If you are facing charges with any sort of crime, an alliance with an experienced criminal defense lawyer will prove critically important in your quest for justice. You need a savvy legal practitioner on your side to emerge with a reduced penalty or no penalty at all. Defendants who fail to ally with a criminal defense attorney are likely to be subjected to the harshest penalty as they have no form of strategic defense. Being found guilty of a crime in Grapevine, TX can affect your ability to find employment, rent an apartment and enjoy a high quality of life.

Do not assume a guilty verdict is guaranteed

Hire a proven criminal defense lawyer to build a rock-solid legal defense and there is a good chance the individual will escape serious punishment. After all, many alleged crimes are unintentional. In some instances, the allegation is completely baseless. If one does not have a proven Grapevine attorney in his or her corner, then the individual will be at the court's mercy.

The attorney can help the individual avoid a lengthy jail sentence and keep the client's record as clean as possible. Do not underestimate the potential for public outrage to influence a judge or jury. Furthermore, district attorneys are always on the prowl for a way to set an example. If an individual does not have a proven criminal defense attorney on his or her side, then the individual might become a victim of the criminal justice system.

How a criminal defense attorney in Grapevine can help

Ally with a Grapevine criminal defense attorney to have a legal expert who can find a solution that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. An attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor for an arrangement to reduce the jail sentence. In extreme cases, this negotiation can even prevent the death penalty. Such arrangements are referred to as plea deals. They reduce the defendant's sentence while reducing the burden on the court.

In fact, some plea bargains can even remove some of the charges brought against the defendant. Alternatively, if the client attempts to represent him or herself in a “pro se” manner, the client will likely find prosecutors are unwilling to engage in such negotiations. The bottom line is a proven Grapevine attorney has the experience and knowledge necessary to negotiate the best possible outcome.

Your attorney's role in examining and contesting evidence

A criminal defense attorney knows exactly how to analyze evidence to determine its legitimacy and relevance. If evidence brought by the prosecutor is not strong, rife with procedural errors or does not follow the proper chain of custody, a criminal defense attorney will highlight these flaws.

Furthermore, criminal defense attorneys will assemble evidence in an attempt to prove the client's innocence. This is the support the client needs to obtain important witness statements and other evidence to prove innocence. Furthermore, a Grapevine criminal defense attorney knows exactly how to interview these witnesses to obtain the best possible testimony.

A Grapevine criminal defense attorney provides the important leverage you need

Your Grapevine criminal defense attorney has the capacity to reduce your sentence for a minimal penalty. As an example, instead of being sent to jail for murder, your Grapevine criminal defense attorney can argue that you should be tried for manslaughter.

Your attorney's comprehensive investigation of your case details and the procedures law enforcement adhered to (or failed to follow) has the potential to pinpoint mistakes or violations of the law that provide you with considerable leverage. This is the leverage you need to have the charges completely thrown out or have the potential sentenced significantly reduced.

NOTE: This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.