Veteran’s Court Program


I recently had the opportunity to attend a military and veteran’s law clinic in Galveston. I was able to meet some great people and learn some new techniques for representing veterans.  I was personally impressed as a veteran to see that there are a lot of programs out there to…


How a Child Support Attorney Can Help You


If you are divorced, you need a child support attorney.  Even if you have already gone through a divorce trial, it is important to remember that nothing is permanent.  The case can be opened and reviewed at any time to evaluate visitation, custody, and child support.  Whether you believe you…


Protect Yourself with a Divorce Attorney Grapevine TX


If you are considering a divorce, hire a local Grapevine divorce attorney to protect your rights.  Regardless of the type of marriage you had, divorce has the ability to change everything. Couples that were cordial before can turn calculating and those that fought can turn ruthless.  This is the unfortunate…


A DWI Lawyer on False Breathalyzer Results


As a DWI Lawyer, it is common to work with clients that took a Breathalyzer test and don’t feel they were that intoxicated.  Each person has an opinion on their tolerance level and what their personal threshold is for excessive drinking.  As a result, many people consent to a Breathalyzer…