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Have you been arrested or accused of a crime? This is one of the most difficult times in your life and we understand that. You cannot do this alone, let Gerard Kardonsky fight for you and give you the attention and time you deserve!

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Assault Attorney Carrollton

Have you been injured in an assault without any fault? If so, then you may have the right to an assault claim. For several years, clients have relied on the expertise of Gerard Kardonsky Attorney at Law to help them with their compensation claims. Gerard Kardonsky Attorney at Law will do whatever is necessary to assist clients from the Carrollton community, from negotiation to litigation and everything in between. Call now to discuss your case with an experienced attorney knowledgeable in Carrollton law.

Gerard Kardonsky Attorney at Law has effectively served many clients who needed help with their assault case. When selecting an assault law firm in the Carrollton area, you need to choose one that delivers proper advocacy and individualized attention and care to your case. Gerard Kardonsky Attorney at Law has a history of success handling assault claims. New clients should call now for a complimentary consultation on your assault case. Gerard Kardonsky Attorney at Law is eager to hear from you!

Call Gerard Kardonsky Attorney at Law if you want the best possible outcome in your assault case. Gerard Kardonsky Attorney at Law has much practice in devising strategies which drastically increases the chance of success in each case. Contact Gerard Kardonsky Attorney at Law to intimately discuss the details of your case with a qualified assault lawyer.

Gerard Kardonsky Attorney at Law provides competent legal representation to clients throughout the Carrollton area. Gerard Kardonsky Attorney at Law is committed to obtaining the maximum compensation that our clients are entitled to. Gerard Kardonsky Attorney at Law believes in offering the highest standards of service and providing clients with the personalized attention they deserve.

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Practice Areas

We offer a wide array of services. Below are some of them.

Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal attorney can help if you have been charged with a crime. Very often people are charged with a small crime like a DUI, drug possession or minor assault charge and make the mistake of trying to represent themselves.

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Criminal Defense Attorney
Criminal Attorney

Criminal Law and Appeals

If you have been charged with a crime, you need to speak with a criminal defense attorney right away. As a Texas lawyer, Gerard Kardonsky can make sure that your rights are protected.

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Non Disclosures & Expungements

For help with criminal law, including non disclosures and expunctions, call Gerard Kardonsky, Attorney at Law at (817) 481-1999. He can provide you with a strong criminal defense, so you have the best opportunity.

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Non Disclosures & Expungements
DUI & DWI Attorney

DUI & DWI Attorney

If you are arrested for drunk driving, you need a DUI/DWI attorney that understands Texas state laws. Each state has different guidelines when it comes to what drunk driving means and the consequences of a conviction.

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Years of experience with exposure to thousands of cases in criminal, immigration, and personal injury.

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Local Attorney

Educated and trained in D/FW, we understand your needs within this community.

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Open and consistent communication between you and your attorney is vital; we are always here for you.

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"Mr. Kardonsky won my case for me, yet he is a great lawyer not solely because we won. He was knowledgeable, patient and communicative through the process. Most importantly for me, I saw his passion to seek justice, which he fervently followed through to a positive end."

Jas G.

"Gerard Kardonsky is a real fighter in the criminal law court room. This is a guy you want in your corner! Kate Stone is as sweet as she can be until she gets in the court room representating one of her clients. Hire her for any family law issues. And finally for business law, contracts, etc Tim Robinson is your man. Great bunch of young, hungry lawyers. Like tigers in a cage!"

David G.

"G.Kardonsky is an attorney to get the job done . He is very passionate about what he does and always concerned about his client even after he represents them. He is AWESOME and gets the job done !!!!"

Cynthia S.

"Great help in resolving my traffic citations, and reinstating my Drivers license. Handled all my fees and walked me through the process of filing my paper work correctly with the State. Thank you so much!"

Phillip K.


Chelsea S.

"I could not be more pleased with the service Gerard Kardonsky provided to me. His compassion to listen and understand the needs of his client is something not commonly found these days. Me being a public servant, my career and future were in his hands and he delivered a "better than positive" outcome. Gerard was recommended to me by a great friend and I will now recommend Gerard as well. He will work to get the job done!"


"I like his aggressive approach to handle matters. Highly recommend Attorney Kardonsky."

Christy C.